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spider__girl's Journal

Spider-Girl Fanfic
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This is friends only.

What this is: A Spider-Man fan fiction. Yes, I meant to say Spider-MAN. You'll get it if you are privy to reading the story.

No, really. WTF? Originally created by sakurakasugano, I find I have less creativity each day in order to finish this project.
So, because of that, sobloodycute has opted to help me in this fan fiction endeavor.

From now on, when it’s my writing, you’ll see the Akira user icon, and when it’s Miaka, it’s the Dominika user icon. It is friends only, because this story is constantly changing...and that way, we piss of less people.

akira ohtsuka, anime, aunt mei, dominika tanaka, fanfiction, hokujin tanaka, manga, phoenix watanabe, sho tanaka, spider-girl, spider-man, thwhip!, uncle ben, web slinging, white rabbit, yaoi, yuri